GFL CS:GO AWP Server Manager Application
Hello. If you believe you have what it takes to manage our upcoming server, please apply!
The server is almost setup with very few things missing. It is a very basic server to manage and does not require a lot of knowledge compared to Jailbreak or Zombie Escape.
Take your time and answer carefully and truthfully.
What we are looking for in applicants:
• Basic Knowledge of CS:GO Server Management (How to edit configs, add plugins, update SourceMod, how to read logs, etc).
• A good reputation within GFL.
• Must be in the GFL CS:GO Discord (
• Knowledgeable with basic forums moderation tools (move, lock, hide posts).
• No past history of abuse or any sort of drama.
Please bear in mind this form is NOT anonymous. Your answers will be recorded and saved by the GFL CS:GO Division Leaders (Leks & Cobra).
Access to the answers will be given to the Directors, Community Advisors and any other entity we see fit upon request.
Troll answers will be ignored and drafted.
Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Leks#0001 (Leks)
Cobra#8306 (Cobra)

Forums: (Leks) (Cobra)

Good Luck!
What is your Username on the Forums? *
How long have you been in GFL?
Do you currently have a rank in GFL? If so, which? *
What are your plans with the server? *
What would you do if something in the server break? *
Do you have any previous experience with server management? If yes, develop your answer. *
Do you have any experience managing an admin team, or anything similar? If yes, develop your answer.
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