100 Worship Services for Climate Justice: Congregation Interest Form
The UU Young Adults for Climate Justice (UUYACJ) launched a campaign to have 100 worship services about climate justice with young adult leadership. This could look like:

--- The young adult group at your congregation organizing a service on climate justice together
--- A special guest young adult activist of any faith tradition speaking at a UU congregation
--- An UU young adult activist speaking at a congregation of any faith tradition (or an Interfaith gathering)

The worship service could take many forms. It could be during a usual Sunday morning worship service; it could be a special event for your city or cluster; it could be a special ceremony or ritual done at any time; It could be part of a climate justice open mic night at the church. The sky is the limit. The connecting factors for the 100 Worships are: (1) exploration of climate justice and its moral grounding, with some UU presence, and (2) young adult voice and leadership.
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Would the Minister of your congregation be available to support the young adult speakers and organizers of this worship service? *
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Donations would go to the UU Ministry for Earth, a tax deductible 501(c)3 non-profit organization
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