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This form will help identify local news organizations interested in having editors from Investigative Editing Corps work with their newsrooms to produce investigative stories. This information will help me fully understand your needs so I can enlist support to launch this project. All platforms are eligible as long as it is focused on local journalism.

You know who you are. Your newsroom works hard to cover local issues and has identified stories critical to your local community. Staff cuts may have left you in need of help from an experienced investigative editor as you strive to produce high impact stories. This service would be offered to you at no cost at least for the first project.

By completing this survey you are not making any commitment to participate. I will follow up on your interest.
Your answers will be kept confidential. The information will allow me to describe the needs of local newsrooms.
Thank you for your time.
Rose Ciotta
Managing editor
Investigative Editing Corps.

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Following a successful first project would your newsroom be able to contribute any amount toward the editor's stipend for subsequent projects? (The average cost is estimated at up to $10,000 per project.)
Would your news organization be willing to participate in a community crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the second or subsequent projects with IEC?
Would your news organization be willing to participate in further fundraising efforts to cover the costs of continued collaboration with IEC?
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