TDM - Key Potential Strategies
As part of the presentation wrap-up, each participant was given 5 green stickers (like) and 3 red stickers (do not like) to place on the Key Potential Strategies dot board to indicate the suggested strategies they are most and least interested.

Use the scale below to indicate your interest in the strategies.
1 - Not Interested, 3 - Somewhat Interested, 5 - Very Interested.

Define Availability as the Key Performance Indicator
Charge rates that maintain availability
Create rate tiers to encourage use of more available parking
Use evening pricing to create more availability
Ease Time Limits as pricing becomes more effective
Parking Benefit Districts: Parking revenue funds local improvements
Residential Parking Benefit Districts
Beach Parking Benefit District
Digital Validation via pay-by-phone
Wayfinding, Sinage, Information, and Branding
Park Once: Few visitors need more than one space per visit
Leading Pedestrian Intervals
Prohibit Right-turn-on-Red
Priority parking spaces for registered carpools
Park/Pedal opportunities
Pedal/Ride opportunities
Bike Corrals
More motorcycle/scooter parking on-street
Use parking revenue to fund employee transit benefits
Alternative-mode commute event and promotions
Car-share, including dedicated on-street parking
Downtown Circulator
Park/Ride shuttles
More frequent transit service
Better downtown bus stops/ amenities
Zoning strategies to encourage more shared/public parking
Zoning strategies to encourage alternative modes
Jointly develop any new parking facilities
Consolidate private lots into public lots
Use pay-by-phone to make use of private lots in off hours
Public Valet
Bike Valet
Close Front/State Street driveways where alley access exists
Enforcement: Warning ticket, then escalating fines
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