Jeanne Lowry Street Angels Award
Street Angels, Inc.
Jeanne Lowry Street Angels Award
Request for Nominations (Due April16, 2021)

The Jeanne Lowry Award was established by Street Angels, Inc. to recognize the unique and enduring example of Jeanne Lowry’s extraordinary life of service to people experiencing mental illness and homelessness in the Milwaukee community.

Jeanne Lowry was a gifted psychiatric nurse. For many years, at the American Red Cross and Community Advocates, she led the effort to establish skilled mental health outreach services for people experiencing homeless. She founded the Homeless Outreach Nursing Center and was instrumental in the development and operation of Autumn West, the community’s first Safe Haven for people experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges. Jeanne Lowry served on the Street Angels, Inc. Board of Directors for two years, lending her deep expertise and support to our developing organization.

Jeanne Lowry taught by example. Her quiet demeanor and friendly manner soothed people in crisis and created an atmosphere of safety that built trust and opened doors to recovery. Her expertise in mental health and homeless services along with her ability to establish relationships that bridged human service systems brought many suffering people into the light of permanent housing and recovery.

This award will recognize an individual working in the field of homeless services, as an employee or volunteer, who exemplifies the characteristics exhibited by Jeanne Lowry in her long service to our community; namely, compassion, persistence, optimism, and resourcefulness.

Nomination Process
1. Nominations for the Jeanne Lowry Award must be submitted by 5:00 p.m., April 16, 2021.
2. The Nomination Review Committee will review all nominations and select three finalists. Nominators may be contacted to provide additional information about their nominee at this stage.
3. The Nomination Review Committee will make a recommendation for the 2021 winner of the Jeanne Lowry Award to the full Street Angels Board of Directors for review and approval at its May 26, 2021 meeting.
4. The presentation of the award will occur at the Street Angels, Inc. Annual Meeting on June 23, 2021. The award recipient is expected to be present. The presentation will include a keepsake award and $250.
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