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I want to know if you are having a problem in class. Do you have a problem with something going on in class? Are you uncomfortable talking to me about it? If so, use this form to tell me about your problem without having to let me know who you are. I do ask you to tell me what class you are in, but that shouldn't affect your anonymity, since there are dozens of students in each class. Still, if you're not comfortable telling me what class you're in, you don't have to.

Please note: There is a line between making suggestions and being insulting. If your comments are insulting to me, or any other student, I probably won't be all that receptive to what you have to say. Anonymity is supposed to help you be honest, NOT to enable your trolling.

Also note: If you mention something that is of global concern, I will probably address it globally, in class. If you don't want me to do this, you should note that in your submission.

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I've made this a mandatory option, because some suggestions are related to the way a particular classroom is organized, etc.
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Describe the problem.
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Describe what you think is the best possible solution to your problem. Note: I'm not guaranteeing that your problem will be fixed in the way that you think is best, but it's still useful for me to know what you think a solution will be.
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