S.E.E. Initiative Application
The Science Exploration Education (S.E.E.) Initiative is a pioneering effort to explore the ocean. OpenROV is partnering with National Geographic to donate 1,000 underwater drones to explore, monitor and protect marine environments.
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Open Explorer Expedition
To be eligible for a Trident ROV, you must have a live expedition on openexplorer.nationalgeographic.com
1. Start a National Geographic account: https://members.nationalgeographic.com/account/join
2. Check out other expeditions on openexplorer.com and follow some to get an idea how to document your work
3. When you've followed some expeditions and feel ready, start your own here: https://openexplorer.nationalgeographic.com/start
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Please include the link to your live expedition on openexplorer.nationalgeographic.com. Without a link, you application for a Trident ROV won't be considered.
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