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Volunteer Terms and Conditions
1.) It is expected that Volunteers act and behave with maturity, honesty and reliability through all your designated tasks during the conference;
2.) Volunteer must report to the person designated by Organizers and should cooperate fully with Conference Organizers at all times. It is the Volunteer's responsibility to communicate with the management should there be any issues before, during or after the conference;
3.) Volunteers must take good care of any property entrusted to him/her, and return the same to the organizers upon completion of the volunteering activities;
4.) Must turn up to the compulsory onsite /offsite staff meeting on as advised. Whilst on shift, Volunteer must remain on site for the full duration, unless authorized by the Organizers, and we expect all volunteers to be contactable for the entire duration of the conference;
5.) Volunteers must not be under the influence of alcohol whilst on duty. Illegal drugs/substances are not permitted anywhere on site. Anyone found will be asked to leave the conference.
6.) Volunteers must inform the Organizers during application of any medical conditions. Please apply to be a volunteer only if you are able to undertake manual work without risk to your health or safety at a festival site and please do not apply if you have been advised not to undertake such activities;
7.) Volunteers must, at all times , comply fully with any rules, terms, policies and such like made available by NBU and the Venue.
8.) Volunteers will be provided lunch and snacks during the event. Transportation and accommodation will be at the expense of the volunteer.
9.) Volunteer also grants NBU to use my image / video / photo for use in media publications.
By signing, Volunteer agrees on above terms and conditions should the Volunteer Application is accepted by NBU 2020. *
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