Family Paths Hotline Volunteer application form
Application deadline for the current recruitment of volunteers is April 15, 2019 for immediate openings. Applications are also accepted year-round.

Spring Pre-Service Training is held on two weekends: Friday-Sunday, May 3-5 and May 17-19 (Fri 6-9pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 9am-1:30pm). Questions can be directed to or by calling Kim San Gabriel, Family Support Program Coordinator at 510-893-9230 x 238.

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What do you think makes a parent effective?
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Think about this example: A single mother has three children under the age of seven. She is new to the area with no immediate family support. She loses her job. She is expressing anger and is very anxious about how she will provide for her children. What ideas might you have in responding to this parent and her situation?
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