Bring-Your-Own-Device Laptop Program (BYOD)
The Post Oak School is committed to supporting students and faculty in creating a prevailing digital learning environment to maximize learning by fully integrating relevant technology into instruction and academic content. The goal is a learning environment in which students and faculty can communicate, collaborate, and create as a part of their daily learning experiences.

The school offers a Bring-Your-Own-Device laptop program (BYOD) for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. This program allows students to bring their own laptop computers to school during the school day. All students will be able to participate in the program following their successful completion of the school’s Digital Life course, offered at the start of each fall semester.

The Post Oak School uses web-based applications like G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education), and Power School Haiku, for platform-neutral learning. That is, the applications required for success in school do not depend on working on one operating system over another (e.g., Mac OS vs. Windows).

We believe equitable access to technology supports students in becoming:
▪ Effective information producers and consumers
▪ Self-directed learners and collaborative team players

Students and staff are able to access our wireless network with their personal devices during the school day. With faculty approval, students may use their own devices to access the internet and collaborate with other students in the classroom. The use of personal devices by students is optional; students who do not participate in the BYOD program are not penalized.

The BYOD program is a partnership. The school provides a filtered Wi-Fi connection and the ability to print. Students (grades 9-12) may bring a device that will help with the completion of school work, be responsible for the security, maintaining and troubleshooting of their own device, and have their device fully charged. The school’s Wi-Fi connection will check for and require up-to-date antivirus software installed on laptops and a MDM certificate will be installed. The MDM certificate will allow for the device to auto connect and stay connected to our Wi-Fi. The school will not collect user information nor location tracking of the device. The certificate is only valid while connected to the school's Wi-Fi.

Many students already own laptops and computing devices. Parents may want to know the ideal computing device. Because family and individual students needs differ, this can be a complex question. Here are some general specifications.

Ideal electronic device for school use
▪ Lightweight and sturdy
▪ Has a protective carrying case
▪ Long battery life
▪ Has wireless capabilities and appropriate software
▪ Sufficient storage
▪ Has a keyboard
▪ Has a full internet browser
▪ Supports Flash technology
▪ Has screen that is of sufficient size and responsiveness
▪ Has USB ports and/or other options for expansion
▪ Laptops should have an antivirus software installed

As you consider your device options, first consider how you will use the device and for what work.
Suggested minimum specification:

Component Specification
CPU Dual Core Processor, 2.4 GHz or higher
Memory 8 GB
Hard Drive 256 GB or more
USB USB 2.0 Ports
Display 12” minimum; recommend 13 to 14 inches recommended;
1280×800 or 1366×768 resolution
Video Video Card with 128 MB or more of memory
Wireless 802.11g/n (WPA2 support required)
Operating System Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1) or Mac OS 10.11 or Chrome OS 65
Memory Card Reader Yes
Battery Consider purchasing an extended battery if that option is available.
Flash Technology Some resources will require Flash technology.

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