Seeking Professionals who can Diagnose those with ASD
Every day, AANE is contacted by individuals in search of a professional diagnosticians to provide them or their loved ones with an evaluation for an ASD diagnosis. To make this process faster and increase access to diagnosticians, we are looking to compile a “Database of Diagnosticians”—that is a searchable compilation of professionals throughout the United States (or even beyond!) who have expertise in evaluating people for ASD and related profiles. This searchable database will be available to the public for free via the AANE website.

To create this database we need your help!

If you have information about a professional who is able to provide Autism Spectrum evaluations, please fill this very short survey.

If you would like to recommend more than one diagnostician, please complete one survey for each professional.

What is the name of a professional you would recommend?
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What is the professional's degree/specialization?
What is the name of the affiliated hospital, clinic or school (if applicable)?
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What is the town and state where the professional practices?
If they are outside of the U.S.A., please list the town, province & country.
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Does the professional take any form of insurance?
How do you know this professional?
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Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey. We would be grateful for your contact information should there be any need to clarify your responses or if our staff has any additional questions about the professional you have recommended. Providing contact information is completely optional. AANE respects your confidentiality, and we will never share your name or contact information with others.
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