ECON201/ECON202 Course Evaluation
Please answer the questions honestly and as fully as you can.  

The purpose of this survey is to assist research and development to better understand how digital courseware (e.g. Lumen Learning’s Waymaker) can support teaching and learning. By completing this survey, you will help improve the effectiveness of Waymaker courseware in the future. The survey asks about how you used Waymaker and what you thought about it. Your honest responses are necessary to be able to identify what student behaviors enhance student learning and what behaviors do not.

Your participation in this research study is voluntary and you may decline to answer any question or withdraw from the study at any time. However, if you decide to participate, I encourage you to commit yourself to answering the survey as fully as you can. Incomplete surveys are not always usable in the study. If you decide not to participate or later withdraw your participation, you will not be subject to any penalty. Additionally, Dr. Greenlaw will not have access to the survey responses until after grades are submitted, so your responses will not affect your grade in your class in any way.  By way of thanks, participants completing this survey will receive extra credit towards your final grade.

Confidentiality: We will treat the information you supply in a confidential manner.  Only selected research project staff will have access to your actual survey responses and those data will be stored securely.  We will not share your individual responses or any other information you provide us about your professional background and instructional practices with anyone outside the research team.  We will report all data in aggregate form; individuals will not be named.

Contacts: Should you have any questions about your participation in this study, you may contact Professor Greenlaw at .

Informed Consent: By selecting “Yes” below you are indicating that you have read the information provided and are consenting to participate in this survey and you certify that you are 18 or more years old. I appreciate your time and effort for filling out this survey.

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