Which START HARP course is right for YOU?!
Congratulations on clicking this link and welcome! This 10 question quiz is designed to give you a little insight into which START HARP level might work best for you! Just submit your answers when you are ready you will receive an email where I will be able to recommend a level to you.

This quiz is brand new and may well not be glitch free so feel free to provide feedback!

If you would like further support in choosing your START HARP level, please contact Shelley Fairplay direct on e-mail to discuss your level further on: info@harpwales.com

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2.a. Email Address *
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2.b. Retype Email Address *
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3. Do you already own a harp or have access to an instrument you can regularly practice on?
4. Have you had 5 or more one to one harp lessons?
5. Do you already read music (treble and bass clef)
6. Have you learnt to play with all 4 fingers each hand on the harp already?
7. Have you learnt to 'place' with all your fingers on the harp?
8. Have you any experience of improvising on the harp?
9. Do you ever learn tunes 'By Ear' (without any sheet music to read from)
10. Do you have any particularly questions or information you would like to share with me?
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