MidoriCon 2019 Artist Submission
MidoriCon is committed to an artisan spirit - we're just as independent as you are.

The retreat's staff is filled to the brim with artists, professional and aspiring, and we want to support creators first and foremost. Our entire exhibition area is solely devoted to artists' selling their works. You're not competing with mass produced, bootleg merch here, folks, just the best fandom arts that we can find.

Bob Ross, our patron saint of artitude and happy trees, once said, “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do.” Show us the talent you're putting in the world, friends.

First Things First! Who are you?
Name and contact info - we can't approve you if we don't know how to get back to you, after all. Let's do this!
Tell us the legal name you'll be registering with. *
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Give us a reliable email where we can reach you. *
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Artist Alcove is Carefully Curated
All submitting artists are carefully selected by professionals in our Exhibition Department. They ensure that our attendees have a balanced range of talent to choose from.

This helps you! Can you imagine being an illustrator competing with 50 other illustrators? That's bad for business across the board. We want to make sure you're set up for success with us! All artistic media is judged by a wide variety of criteria. After selection, the applications are reviewed to ensure they have accurate information, are filled out completely, and provide an applicable portfolio.

Make sure you provide us with links to an accurate portrayal of your wares - online stores and portfolios are helpful, and if you happen to have exhibited live at an event before and have pictures of your table set up, all the better! A prepared artist is a thriving artist.

Studio Name - This is the name of your studio, group, or any professional pseudonym you use. *
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Studio's Primary Representative - This will be the name on your ID when you come pick up your badges. *
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How many assistants will your Studio have? *
Link us to your Studio's primary site. This will be the link you'd like us to place on the Artist Alcove page of our website to promote you if you are accepted. *
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Link us to social media pages you have. This will help us promote you in the future, as well. *
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Do you have any portfolio sites we can review? Clearly labeled folders on deviantART, Flickr, Photobucket, and similar portfolio websites are acceptable. We will not accept Facebook, Etsy, Storenvy, Tumblr, Instagram, or personal blogs here: please submit those under the previous two questions.
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Categorize your artwork. Tell us about the kind of work you will sell at your table. Be thorough. *
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Will your work and table include 18+ Adult Materials? *
Our Artist Alcove permits a maximum of 2 tables per Studio. How many tables will you be applying for? *
Almost Finished, Creator!
Are you familiar with our Artist Alcove Policy? *
Great Job!
Applications will be reviewed after submissions close. You should receive notice of Acceptance or Waitlist by June 1st, in which we will follow up with you on table package pricing.

Thanks for taking the time to submit! May the muses be ever in your favor!

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