2020 Desby Memorial Music Scholarship Application Form
Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Desby Memorial Music Scholarship. This Google form serves as the official application form for the Scholarship. Please read on below for eligibility requirements:

I. To be eligible for the scholarship applicants will:
1. Be a current member of a Parish within the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco
2. Show evidence of Parish involvement and make every effort to increase one’s role in the parish with one’s musical talent
3. Clearly indicate where the money will go (whether a class or an individual teacher)
4. Complete an interview in person with the Scholarship Committee
5. May study in any of the following areas: voice (Choral or Chant), Keyboard, Conducting, Composition, or Continuing Music Education or Professional Development
6. Applicant may also use scholarship for Continuing Education/Professional Development

II. Applications for the Frank and Xenia Anton Desby Scholarship must include ALL of the following and must be submitted by the deadline indicated below. Please fill out the form completely. Partial applications will not be considered. Complete applications will consist of:
1. Student Profile
2. Statement of Intent to Study Greek Orthodox Church Music and where study will take place
3. Previous Music Experience (if applicable)
4. Essay

III. The deadline for completed applications (as outlined above) to be received is August 15, 2020. Applications will be submitted by email to sfchurchmusic@sanfran.goarch.org via this Google Form. No extensions will be granted.

IV. All applicants are required to complete an interview with the Scholarship Committee via Zoom or Google Meet. Interview date to be determined but will be taking place between August 16 - August 30.
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