Newsletter & Office Hour Feature
We're looking for coaches to feature in our newsletter.

As part of the feature, we'll hold an online office hours with you where potential clients can get to know you. Tony will facilitate and record so that we can use this video in future marketing.

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Our features work best the more specific a coach is. So pick one of your packages.
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Imagine you're giving me directions to go through my Facebook or LinkedIn contacts and find one person to introduce to you.
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What inspirational fantasy motivates clients to hire you for this coaching package? *
Another way to ask this: "What's the best case scenario for who a client will become and what they will achieve if they hire you as a coach?"
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We need to get you on our Office Hours schedule. What are good times of day, days of the week, etc to schedule you? We have mostly a US and European audience. When you answer this, can you double check that you won't have travel--we hate to cancel a feature that's been announced. You'll need a quiet space with good internet.
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We use public feedback to help teach other coaches.
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