Application for Top of the Nine Artist Spotlight
Please fill out each section for consideration to be part of Top of the Nine's monthly artist spotlight. If approved, you will be contacted and a month discussed for showing your artwork at Top of the Nine. This includes social media marketing, online sales, and a one-night opening expo on the first Friday of the chosen month. PLEASE NOTE: due to the COVID-19 pandemic all gallery openings are virtual only. We will be delighted to return to business as usual as soon as we have the "all clear".

The artist is also invited for a video interview to be posted online and will have the opportunity to "sit" with their artwork up to three days during the month, this allows you to be open to the public during available times approved ahead of time. This is also dependent on COVID-19 limitations.

The Artist Spotlight is open to adults 18+. We are working to have an offering for high school students in the future!

Consideration for upcoming spotlights is determined in November of each year. E.g. applications considered in November 2020 will be scheduled for months in 2021. This timeline may be altered if there are a small number of applicants, so submit your form at any time!

The information provided gives us a picture of who you are and the artwork you create. We base our decision on helping new artists get a start, or helping established artists re-up their game.

Please note that information shared in this form is not shared with any outside entities, and is only reviewed by our board of directors. If you are not chosen we may keep your information on file for future consideration. If you would like us to delete any personal information after the consideration period, please indicate on the form. Thank you!
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Most galleries take 40-50% of all sales in order to make a profit, we do not. Top of the Nine takes a 25% cut from Website and Expo sales to help pay for media marketing (for you!) and for use of the space. Selling of artwork is not required as part of the artist's spotlight but it is highly encouraged! *
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