MCBB Staff Application Form
Using this form you may apply to become a staff member on MCBlockBuilds. Your application will be reviewed within the next 7 days. Please ping an Owner or Lead rank on discord if you haven't received any updates on your application after 7 days.

*Ensure you have joined the server over 5 days ago*
*Must be in the Discord*
*Must be at least 13 years old to apply*
*Please don't mention your application unless its been 7 days since you applied.*
*You may apply at any time but you wont get reviewed until we are actively hiring.*
*Please don’t apply more than once unless told otherwise*
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(Must be in the Discord server to apply /discord)(Please include the tag #) Example: KyGuy2002#7710
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How many hours a week can you spend on the server on average? *
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