Title 1 Parent Survey
Please take a minute to fill out our survey. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jray@reardansd.net or call at 509-796-2701 Ext. 312
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I feel welcome when I enter the school?
My calls, emails, or notes to school staff are answered promptly?
I know how to help my child with his/her homework?
My child receives additional academic help when needed?
I feel that my child has made adequate progress over the course of this school year?
The school promotes family involvement in school?
Teachers willingly meet with parents to discuss concerns?
The school sponsors family learning workshops at times and places accessible to all?
The school building is available for use by the community outside the regular hours?
The school staff treats parents and community members with respect?
Volunteers feel appreciated and recognized by the school?
I prefer school communication to be:
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