Valcartier Area DNA Project

Welcome! This project is intended to find connections among descendants of early residents of the Valcartier area of Quebec using genetic test results. The survey should take just a few minutes, during which you will be asked to share your own history with the area, along with information about DNA tests that you have taken.

Some details about the project:

The purpose is compile and analyze autosomal and Y-DNA test results for the purposes of finding evidence of connections among the early (pre-1850) residents of the Valcartier area of Quebec (Valcartier, Ste-Catherine, Stoneham, etc.).

Responses to this survey will be added to a regularly updated collection of Y-DNA and autosomal DNA (at-DNA) test results of descendants of early Valcartier-area residents, which will be available to participants. This will allow for a comparison of results of those who have taken (or plan to take) a painless, commercially available autosomal DNA test, with an eye toward identifying connections among those early residents, their ancestors, and their descendants.

Participants in this project will be encouraged to do a free upload/transfer of their autosomal DNA test results from one of the three major testing companies (Family Tree DNA's "Family Finder" test, 23andMe's only test, and AncestryDNA's only test) to a third-party free site called GEDmatch. It is possible to complete this upload anonymously. All GEDmatch members are assigned a kit number. Members of the project will have access to a compiled list of kit numbers and be able to do comparisons with other project members for the purpose of identifying connections. Support/guidance will be available from project administrator.

Group participants can be men or women of any age who have completed an autosomal or Y-DNA test at one of the three major US-based testing companies (Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, or AncestryDNA), which cost approximately $99.00. Feel free to contact Craig Tafel ( if you would like to discuss pros/cons of each testing company.

Responses will be added to a private collection of member information, shared only with other members of the group via email. Note that items that you mark with a "double-asterisk" (**) in your responses will only be shared with project administrators (currently Craig Tafel and Patricia Balkcom) and not made available to other members of the group without your permission.

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