LWA Parental Letter of Cooperation
By enrolling my child(ren) in Living Water Academy, I understand and agree with the following:
A Christian school is not a substitute for the training a child must receive in the home, but is rather a complement to that training. I will therefore diligently assume the primary responsibility for the training of my child(ren).

My cooperation is expected in:
(1) faithful prayer for my child(ren), the teachers, and the school;
(2) faithful attendance at all parent/teacher fellowship (PTF) meetings;
(3) assuring that my child(ren) are faithful in completing all homework assignments on time; and
(4) financially supporting the school through timely tuition payments.

The administrator and/or the teacher has full discretion in the discipline of the students, as to type and amount, while at school or a school function. I understand that some disciplines may require me to bring my child or pick up my child at a time earlier or later than the normal school day. I will support and work with the school’s efforts in training my child through discipline or reward.

I will take responsibility for assuring that my child(ren) arrive to school on time and are picked up on time. I will also keep my child(ren) in regular attendance on regular school days as well as field trips and other activity days.

I will do all in my power to assure that my child(ren) and I respect the teachers and school leadership and comply with school rules and policies. In order to protect the ministry of Living Water Academy, I will not complain about the school in the hearing of child(ren) or with other adults. Instead, I will practice a biblical method of dealing with problems (Matthew 18:15-17) by (1) addressing any concerns I have with a class with the teacher first, and then (2) with the principal if I do not believe my concerns have been adequately addressed.

I realize that Living Water Academy makes all decisions concerning student enrollment and grade placement. I realize that each student remains at Living Water purely at the pleasure of the school, having no right to initial enrollment or ongoing enrollment if asked to leave.

I realize that Living Water, as a ministry, is dependent on the sacrificial help of all of the members of the school community if it going to succeed in its task. I will prayerfully consider in what way and to what extent I can help the school through volunteer effort. I understand that my child’s experience at Living Water is enriched through other people’s sacrificial efforts, and I too will contribute in some way to the overall good of the school through some form of volunteer service.

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