The Projector: Adopt-A-Seat Stencil

Thank you for supporting us by Adopting-a-Seat. Your gesture goes a long way and is very much appreciated!

Please complete this form to let us know the characters you would like stenciled.

Please note that the stencilled seats:
1. Are assigned at random in either the Blue/Red/Green rooms
2. Do not mean that they are reserved for you when you watch a show at the cinema


1)Text to be stenciled must be 14 characters or less
- Text includes alphabets (capital letters only) and numerals [NO symbols/punctuation marks]
- Spacing is excluded from the 14 characters
- Text in red color font only

2) If you have bought multiple seats please send in your text in this format
Seat 1 - TEXT
Seat 2 - TEXT

3) The 14 characters may be split into two lines due to space constraints
- Maximum 8 alphabets per line, 14 alphabets in total still. E.g.


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Text you would like stencilled *
**Please refer to the instructions for stencils before you complete this section
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