Coral Team Commitments
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Estimated Weekly Time Commitment
We want to gather realistic estimates of available hours from team members in order to allocate them between tasks at hand, estimate our timeline, and set monthly goals.
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Leadership Roles
In order to organize our work and achieve measurable results we need volunteers to help with the leadership of our working groups (lander, manufacturing), in addition to general project management. The working group leads will be the driving forces to help direct the group to achieve a meaningful conclusions from the research. Project management leads will help oversee Coral generally.

Duties include, but are not limited to:
* Become familiar and an expert at using Github (we can provide training)
* Perform weekly assessment of how work is being completed within Github or externally. Through this assessment -become better at defining tasks
* Organize the "Top Tasks" in Github - only put the tasks that are most important for the next 1-2 weeks. Make sure they are in priority order. Assign tasks based on availability of team members
* Ensure that we have people that are assigned review roles for tasks (you can also be the reviewer) and that feedback is given to completed/checked in work within less than a week
* Suggest and implement changes to make collaborating on Coral a smooth process

Which leadership role are you interested in? *
If applying for a leadership role, please describe why you are uniquely positioned for the role - do you have past experience? What motivates you to lead Coral?
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If applying for a leadership role, please link your LinkedIn profile or web resume here (optional, but recommended)
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