IAFMHS Campus Representative Program
The Campus Representative Program is designed to facilitate communication among the IAFMHS Student Board, professional IAFMHS members, and IAFMHS student affiliates. The primary goal of the program is to create a network of liaisons at as many colleges, universities, and countries as possible, with IAFMHS student members serving as official representatives of the Student Board and IAFMHS at their local campuses. Campus representatives help disseminate relevant information about opportunities, activities and programs organized by the Student Board and IAFMHS to their local student bodies.

Please fill out the questions below to apply to become a campus representative. Campus representatives serve a 1-year term, with possible extension.

More information about the specific program requirements can be found here: http://www.iafmhs.org/studentleadership.
Active campus representatives are also logged on this page.
Full name and email address: *
Current program: *
Current field (e.g., law, psychiatry, nursing, psychology)
Current school: *
Current supervisor(s): *
I have access to these means to further the IAFMHS message:
In becoming a campus representative, (1)I agree to (at minimum) forward all IAFMHS email communications to a relevant group (e.g., students in class, department, forensic psychology listserv, social media group, professional group); (2) to maintain active student membership throughout my term. *
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