Petition for Automatic Voter Registration in Wisconsin
Automatic Voter Registration will boost registration rates, increase voter turnout, clean up the rolls, make voting more convenient, reduce the potential for voter fraud, and lower costs to taxpayers. Add your name to the petition of Wisconsin residents who support the adoption of Automatic Voter Registration. Learn more about our proposal here:

Automatic Voter Registration makes two important changes to voter registration. First, eligible citizens who interact with state agencies, such as the DMV, are registered to vote unless they decline. Second, those agencies transfer voter registration information electronically to election officials, creating a seamless process that is more convenient and less error-prone for both voters and government officials.

Learn more about our proposal here:

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RECOMMENDED: Wisconsin Legislative Districts
Elected officials and candidates for office will receive notice of their constituents' support for Automatic Voter Registration. Help us by identifying what legislative districts you reside in. Don't know what districts you live in? Find out here:
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OPTIONAL: I am interested in hosting an AVR house meeting. I would like someone from Chippewa Valley Votes to follow up with me to share more details.
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