DrawIT's Rivals of IXALAN Prerelease Sign-up
Sign up here for the DrawIT-held RIX prerelease!
- The prerelease will be held on 14th of January, 10:00 at Hubben 2.1
- Price is 230 SEK which will be paid on site.
- You can buy food on the spot for 25 SEK

If you have a DCI-number, make sure to bring it with you. If you don't have one or don't know if you have one, please acquire one beforehand as it can be a slow process to register (a search for "magic DCI" should give you the info)

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We will e-mail you a few days beforehand where you will have to confirm that you will attend. You will need to answer 2 days before to keep your spot.
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We may have to contact you if you don't show up at the prerelease.
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