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Yes! I want to join ISAIAH faith leaders, lay leaders and clergy in creating the collective antidote to Thoughts & Prayers Theology. Instead, we will make a public declaration of theologies grounded in repentance, radical love and hospitality through written devotionals, blogs, and social media posts.


When a hurricane hits the Bahamas because our lawmakers refuse to create policy to lower our carbon emissions, when we place kids in cages at the border because a presidential administration believes dignity is determined by where you’re born, or when people are killed by assault weapons while at school, a concert or worship service because a few politicians value money over safety – to only offer “thoughts and prayers” is not only inadequate, it’s dangerous.

While prayer is essential to our physical and spiritual lives, to only offer God words when God’s given us authority to take action is disobedience. We further the violation by denying our own role in our collective demise.
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