Stonewall Quiz Intermediate
1.What should white play here?
2.If black goes early c4 what should white do?
3.What should white do here?
4.What does white do after late c4?
5.When/How do we swing our pieces?(Don't forget about the bishop sacrifices)
6.When do we not swing our pieces?
7.What do we do if black plays Bf5
8.What do we do if black plays Bg4?
9.What are the weaknesses for white here?
10.How do you beat the Dutch?
11.What should white do here?
12.Black has committed to the kings indian with g6, what should white do now?
13. What should white do against the Grunfeld?
14.What is our plan if black castles queenside?
15.If you want to attack the anti-stonewall how do you do it?
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