Registration form Clinic Mihai and Katariina Cozmei
Sunday 12 April
Monday 13 April
10 - 17 hrs
Training on the ground
Training on a horseback
You are welcome to join with your own horse. Please let us know if there are any specifics
Ground archers are welcome
Prices include lunch and drinks and snacks during the training
If you need anything specific, please let us know
Bow/arrows rental possible

Discount when you register and pay before 15 Februari!
In case you have to cancel and cancel before the 15 March, we will refund 50%.

Please know that we do not organise this clinic to make any profit but to give you the possibility to train with international well known trainers. We understand very well that not all can travel and train around as much as Siem does (and he would like to travel and train abroad a lot more), so we asked Mihai and Katariina to come to the Netherlands. To cover the costs that we already have to make (flights, accomodation) we ask you to pay in advance.

If you want to come with an inexperienced horse, please consider taking some private lessons with Siem before the clinic in Maarsbergen or on your own location, so you can learn as much as possible when Mihai and Katariina are here.

Prices registered and payed before 15 Februari

On the ground:
1 day 60 €
2 days 110€

Ground and on rental horse:
1 day 200 €
2 days 380 €

Ground and on own horse:
1 day 175 €
2 days 330 €

Prices after 15 Februari

On the ground:
1 day 75 €
2 days 125 €

Ground and on rental horse:
1 day 220 €
2 days 400 €

Ground and on own horse:
1 day 195 €
2 days 350 €

If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

You can make your payment on NL41RABO03005 27 918 J. Boerma.

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In case you bring your own horse, will it stay overnight at Hoeve Romantico?
If you bring your own horse, is your horse trained for horseback archery?
Will you book and pay before 15 Februari to have discount? We will refund 50% if you have to cancel before 15th March *
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