Riverwest Co-op Volunteer Interest Form
We're excited to hear that you'd like to offer a labor of love to the Riverwest Co-op Grocery and Cafe! This form will take about 2-5 minutes to fill out and will help us get to know you and your interests before we meet you for volunteer orientation.
About You
Let us know how to get in touch with you and what brings you to volunteering!
Why are you applying to volunteer at the co-op?
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Phone Number
Please write your area code and phone number. Also include if this is your HOME or MOBILE or WORK phone number. Write "N/A" if you don't have a phone number.
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Email Address
Write "N/A" if you don't have an email address.
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What is the best way to get in touch with you?
Select the method that you'd prefer for us to contact you. Ideally, it's the one you see and respond to most often.
Do you live in 53212?
Pronouns You Use
Help us talk to you as you'd like to be spoken to.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know before we meet you (restrictions on your physical activity, support you need, predictability of your work schedule, etc.)?
If not, write N/A.
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About Your Interest and Availability
Tell us more about your schedule, skills, and the type of labor you'd like to offer our community.
What is your current availability to volunteer?
Check all that apply.
Do you have any specific day/time preferences or restrictions we should consider in scheduling you?
If not, let us know you're up to fill in where needed!
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What type of volunteering are you interested in?
Check all that apply.
Do you have any special skills/talents you'd like to offer in a volunteer capacity? Any knowledge/skills you're looking to pick up in your time as a volunteer?
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