Year 12 External Options Form - Entry September 2020
This survey is intended to provide us with key details for us to contact you about your option. Please complete all compulsory sections.
The deadline for completion is December 13th.
Any applications after this date will dependent on space.
Student Details
Please enter you details below. If you have a preferred name please write this in brackets next to your legal name.
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Date of Birth
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Parent/Guardians Details
Please enter the details of parents and guardians. If you would like to enter more than one parent/guardians details please indicate this by placing a number next to each entry. Eg: 1. John 2. Tanya. We will use the student and parents details to communicate with you following the submission of options choices.
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Where did you hear about HGS Sixth Form
A-level/BTEC Option choices
Preliminary Choices
Please indicate your choices in ORDER OF PREFERENCE.
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Please select your third option *
Fourth Option and Further Maths
If you wish to study Further Maths please indicate this as your fourth option. Maths should also be in the main options above. If you are currently expected to achieve 7+ in the majority of your GCSE you may with wish to select a fourth option. Students are advised that universities will make their offers based on 3 A-levels at the end of year 13.
Please select your fourth option
Optional Timetabled Enrichment Options
In addition students can also opt to study the Extended Project Qualification and Community Sports Leadership. These are timetabled lessons. EPQ = one lesson per week and is completed in year 12. Sports leaders is 2 hours per week. Students that have studied and completed level 2 sports leaders can request to undertake the level three course. If you wish to select one of the options as an additional enrichment please select below.
Enrichment Option
Thank you for completing this survey. We will invite students into school to discuss their options from February 2020 onwards. If you have any further questions the school through the admin e-mail
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