Lab Use Request (CoEx Lab)
Please submit your request to use the lab 14 business days in advance of your study. Note that we may not be able to accommodate requests submitted less than two weeks in advance.
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Please indicate the date(s) and time(s) you would like to use the lab. Be sure to include time for setup and cleanup for your study. *
Describe how the lab rooms and/or lab equipment will be used in as much detail as possible *
If this is a new request please indicate your needs:  how many room(s), what equipment will be needed, and how long you need the lab (approximate start and end dates of your study)
Which NSF (or other) grant or funding is associated with this study?
Please provide the full title and grant number. You can also paste the link to the grant from Fastlane
Do you have IRB approval for the study? *
If you have  IRB approval, please provide the IRB protocol number [e.g., HS15-123, or #2015_00000123]. If you don't have IRB approval, please explain why.
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