Decoda Project Form
This form is to collect data to ensure a we produce a successful, high-quality performance experience. It is a reference document we will be using as we work together through the project's phases. Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible, but do not feel discouraged if you cannot fill out every item yet. If you need any assistance filling it out please reach out to either Brad (, Owen ( or Betsie ( for help. Remember, this document is a reflection of your project!
What's the name of your Project? *
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When does your project take place? *
If this project spans a length of time please note that. (ex. podcasts - June 2013-May 2014)
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Location(s) project will take place
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Proposed Personnel
Please list in this format: Name, Instrument/Job (ex. Me, arranger)
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Criteria for Proposed Project *
The first two credentials (2) are REQUIRED. You must check AT LEAST three (3) of the last five (5) choices.
Project Narrative *
Please explain the nature of the project.
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Blurb for Website
Please write a small blurb (60 words max) for use on website and other promotional material.
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Third Party Contact Information
List the Institutions/Clients/Partners you are working directly with to make this project happen. Include email address and phone number, if possible. (ex. James, client rep at Indiegogo -
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Project Leader Involvement *
Rank your level of involvement and effort (consider: does your project require writing new IP scripts, technology development/implementation, travel, extensive personnel, etc.)
Little to no effort (small, local performance, small ensemble, single performance)
Extensive effort and time consumption (international travel, week-long+ residency in another state, five or more musicians involved)
Project Budget Expenses *
List musician fee, travel (airfare, transportation, cartage), Per diem, Administrative fee (20%). If you do not have an itemized budget yet please supply an gross estimation of the resources needed for your project. (ex. My project will cost approximately $5,000.)
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Projected Funding
List any foundation or individual support you expect to receive. (Ex. NYCDOE - $2,500, My Mom - $500)
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