Maury County Public Schools' Community Board Evaluation
The Maury County Public Schools Board seeks YOUR feedback. The questions asked below are anonymous and are in line with the School Boards' own self-evaluation tool that they take each year. Thank You for your time to complete the following questions to give feedback to the School Board!
Section 1.5: Adequate background information on issues to come before the board is routinely provided in advance of the board meeting. *
Section 1.6: The board weighs all decisions in terms of what is best for the students of the school system. *
Section 2.2: The board is open and honest with each other, as well as administrators and is able to maintain an attitude of mutual trust and respect. *
Section 3.2: Each member of the board understands and respects the distinction between the board's responsibilities and the superintendent's duties. *
Section 3.8: Board members are respectful to other board members, administrators, staff and visitors. *
Section 4.6: The board does not get bogged down discussing operation details of the district or schools. *
Section 5.2: Before adopting a policy which affects them, our board actively seeks the input of employees, students and community members. *
Section 6.1: The board holds itself ultimately responsible for high achievement by all students *
Section 6.3: The board provides a quality educational program imposing high individual academic standards for each student. *
Section 9.2: The budget reflects the strategic plan and supports the district's goals and objectives for student achievement and citizenship. *
Section 9.4: The board requires proper accountability for the expenditure of school district funds. *
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