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If you would like to donate to St. Paul's Sack Lunch program, you are welcome to bring those non-perishable items to the church. Please fill out this form to indicate which items you plan to donate. If you would prefer to be anonymous, you may leave the "Name" field blank.

As of April 30, 2017, our rough estimate of needs for the next assembly is the following:

- PROTEIN - around 336 servings (about 19 boxes)
- FRUIT - around 352 servings (about 18 boxes)
- SNACKS - around 192 servings (about 12 boxes)
- DESSERT - around 372 servings (about 11 boxes)
- DRINKS - around 332 servings (about 9 boxes)
- SANDWICH BAGS - 400 bags (around 8 packages)

The next sack lunch assembly will take place Sunday, May 28 2017 after the 10am Service.

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5 or more
PROTEIN (tuna, sausage, etc.)
FRUIT (applesauce, fruit cups, etc.)
SNACKS (granola bars, cookies, crackers, etc.)
DESSERT (pudding, chocolate, etc.)
DRINKS (Capri-sun, Hi-C, etc.)
Spoons or sporks
#6 paper bags
What is the quantity per box? If you donated more than one item type, please indicate the type (protein, snacks, dessert, etc.)
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