Somis Union School District Parent & Community Input Survey, March 2019
How many children do you have attending Somis School?
Please indicate the grade level your child(ren) attends at Somis School (Choose all that apply)
The district supports the implementation of state approved student materials and instruction to prepare students for high school.
The district values parents/guardians and community members as important partners in the students' education and actively seeks their input to help plan, implement, and evaluate instructional materials, strategies, and programs
Parents/Guardians and community members can easily access information on district activities, meetings, or committees.
The district implements programs that address: (choose all that apply)
The district effectively addresses attendance and absenteeism.
Most teachers take time to discuss grades, academic successes, or areas of improvement with my child and me as needed
The California State Standards are being implemented with the district to raise educational standards for the following: (Choose all that apply)
Parents/guardians are provided resources and training to strengthen student learning at home.
The school is clean, safe, and in good repair
What types of training would you attend if available? (Choose all that apply)
Additional Comments (if any)
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