Japanese Conversation Partners (JCP) Senpai (先輩) / Kouhai (後輩)
We have seen requests from younger JMP students' families wanting older students (High school/Jr. High) to partner with them to help continue their Japanese skills by talking to them in Japanese.  

Our Japanese Conversation Partner (JCP) matches older students (Senpai) with younger students (Kouhai).  This is all voluntary.   The minimum commitment is to spend 30 minutes a week talking together.   If Senpai can do more, that would be great!  We will try to match up to two younger students with one older student in order to support more of our community.  The students can discuss between them what is the best time, which video platform they want to use, and if they want to try multiple times a week.

Who should file out this form?
  - Students 7th grade and older who are willing to be a Senpai
  - Families with beginning Japanese students (Kouhai), usually 7th grade and under, who want to be matched with a Senpai

For Senpai's, there are lots of things you can do with your younger student.....Speak to them in Japanese, ask them questions, playing games, singing songs, reading a book, practicing kanji, etc.  We will send you more ideas when you sign up.

Please note: For the Email address below, do not use PPS email address for Richmond and Mt Tabor students.  They can't receive email from outside PPS.
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