Queens Borough School Traffic Safety Survey
Vision Zero needs the support of the Department of Education and the Department of Health. With 1 million school kids, close to 300,000 staffers and a city of concerned citizens, we feel that schools are the best place to educate kids and drivers about traffic safety. Here you'll give info about your school specifically as well as have space to share your concerns and actions. This survey will guide our efforts and recommendations for the implementation of traffic safety at schools.
School pick up or drop off.
If you are responsible for a childs commute, how do they get to school?
Your answer
Which school are you referring to?
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Where is this school located?
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By what means have you tried to make a complaint?
What conditions affect school safety?
What is the speed limit near your school?
Do you support the use of speed cameras within a school zone?
Currently the city has 140 speed cameras operating only during school hours, but aims to increase the number as well as their hours of operation.
What are your concerns about speed cameras?
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Are you aware of any injuries occurring at this school? If so, when? What type?
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Have you ever been to a school safety meeting?
Would you attend a safety meeting at this school?
Has the school offered DOT safety Education, if so what type?
If the DOT did another type of outreach, please explain
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Does the school have a crossing guard
If your school has a crossing guard, what issues does she/he face?
How big or small is your school
Please share any comments, questions or queries regarding traffic safety.
Your answer
How do you think the NYC Department of Health should aid in school traffic safety?
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