2019 Rocky Mountain Rink Association Survey
Please answer these to the best of you ability. We will share all information with our members who participate. Please use this past year's financial numbers so we are comparing apples to apples. If you have more than one facility-- please fill out a separate survey for different locations.
Organization Name *
Facility Name *
Year your facility was opened *
How many months a year is your facility open? *
How many sheets of ice do you have? *
Ice Rental Fees *
Indoor ice or Outdoor ice? *
Private or Municipal? *
Total Annual Rink Revenue *
Total Annual Rink Expenses *
Total Annual Wages for Rink staff *
Number of Salaried Exempt Employees *
Please list Salaried Exempt Positions *
Exempt Employee Position, Salary Range and Benefits *
Number of Full Time Hourly Employees *
Please list Full Time Hourly Positions *
Full Time Position, Salary Range and Benefits *
Number of Part Time Hourly Positions *
Please list Part Time Hourly Positions *
Part Time Position, Salary Range and Benefits *
Do you have a skating director? *
Skating Director Wage *
Do you have a hockey director? *
Hockey Director wage *
Which employees operate the ice resurfacer? *
Who do you use to contract refrigeration services?
Who sharpens your ice resurfacer blades?
What brand of ice resurfacer do you have?
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What is the energy source of your ice resurfacer? *
Freestyle Ice Fee *
Public Skating Fee *
Stick & Puck/ Drop in Hockey Fee *
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