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Jeanne Gore
NSSC Coordinator
Have you reviewed and agreed to NSSC's Points of Unity [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BTWvJbbjBOq5HWeZolkjHHyLLSFgxn3vcuu9vY-B-K0/edit?usp=sharing]google.com and NSSC's Organizational Guidelines https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xfb9khOtN02WeVWC3Zi_GpUNZ9MO58Y8-Jpmz9B6rTM/edit?usp=sharing and do you pledge to support them and the NSSC? *
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Are you an individual living with a SBD, doctor, nurse, social worker, policymaker, family member/significant other of someone with SBD, primary caregiver of someone with SBD, someone who cares who is not a family member/person with SBD? Please check all that apply. (Your individual answers to this question will not be shared). *
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NSSC has a three tiered voluntary annual membership fee - $10 for individuals , $20 for Families, and and $30 Organizations. Please do not feel that you need to pay the fee if you are financially unable to do so. Your membership will help us raise awareness and create solutions for the humanitarian crisis faced by people with serious brain disorders and their families who suffer right along with them. All members, whether paid or not, will receive discounted rates for all of our events. You will also have voting rights within our coalition. If you are unable to pay the membership fee, feel free to skip this section. If you are able to pay it, please chose "Individual", "Family", or "Organization"  and click on the link next to your choice to make your payment. Please be certain to come back to this form after you have made your payment, finish filling out this form, and hit "submit" to complete your membership.
Are you interested in volunteering to serve on one of our committees? If yes, please go to https://forms.gle/Rw5NF7mGn7xKPXMr6 to sign up today. *
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