Culture In-Depth Yearbook Questions!
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What holidays do your celebrate? Why do you celebrate these holidays? What makes this holiday important to you? When do you celebrate this holiday?(Can be your own culture (Eid, Lunar New years, Water festival, etc...) or the American holidays: Christmas, Halloween, mothers day, etc..)
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What does your tradition clothing look like? What do they meant to you or represent? What do you like about your traditional clothes? *
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What makes your culture so special? What do you love about your culture (music, dance, food, clothes, traditions, celebrations, etc...)? *
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What are your cultures traditional foods? What makes them special to you or in general? Where do the foods originate and what do they mainly consist of? What is your favorite traditional meal from your culture? *
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What language do you speak? Where is your language mainly spoken and where does it originate? Do you have a common saying in your language that you really like (write in your language and translate)? *
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Would you like your response and picture to be in the yearbook? *
Would you be OK with sending a picture of yourself eating your cultural food at home/restaurant for the yearbook? *
Would be OK with sending in a picture if you wearing your traditional clothes for the yearbook? *
Would you be OK with sending in a picture of yourself reading a book in your language (Even if you cant read it, or a flyer that has your language on it) for the year book? *
Would you be OK with sending in a photo of you alone, you with your friends, or you with your family celebrating a holiday for the yearbook?
Would you like to be the face of your ethnicity (Somali, Vietnamese, Karen, Cambodian, etc..)for the year book? (We need to take a picture with students of all ethnicity regardless of grade level together in one photo on the football field for the year book)? *
What is the best day to meet for the all ethnicity group photo? *
What is the best time to meet for the all ethnicity group photo? *
What is your ethnicity or family origin? *
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