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This form serves as your application into the Inner Circle, a 12 week group coaching program to help you rediscover, reconnect & reprioritize yourself so you can live your most amazing life.

The word "application" sounds really intense but it's not! I really want the Inner Circle to be the right fit for you & you the right fit for the Inner Circle so that you get the most out of this experience. You're basically filling out your online dating profile right now to see if we're a great match!

I will respond within 48 hours.

Should you be selected and this round of Inner Circle be full, you will automatically be on the waitlist for the next round!
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What are your biggest struggles in regards to motherhood & yourself. For example, lack of time, sleep, energy, motivation, not having alone time, wanting to go back to work but unsure how, wanting to have time away from kids but unsure how. *
Do you struggle with mom guilt? *
If you said "yes" to struggling with mom guilt, can you please describe when/what the scenario(s) looks like when you experience it?
Tell me about your dream life/what types of things you want to do/have in your life that you don't already have. *
The Inner Circle is about setting aside what we have been told by society (i.e. moms aren't allowed to have lives) and really pursuing our most amazing life. This means testing the things we've been told & pushing past the boundaries. Are you ready for this? *
What drew you to the Inner Circle? *
Do you have any questions for Jessica? *
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