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Thank you for your interest in the prospect of living in Christian community at the Vine & Table! The opportunity for shared communal life is is a tremendous privilege that we welcome you to explore with us. Please answer the following questions. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Privacy Policy

Personal data that is collected via the application will be stored for the period of time that the applicant is living in the community. After that point in time, it will be deleted from all storage systems. The information collected here will not be shared with anyone other than the Vine & Table Coordinators without the prior consent of the individual.
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ACCOMMODATION REQUESTED: Subject to availability. All fees are due at the beginning of each occupancy period. If you'd prefer to pay in monthly installments, please let us know and we'll work with you for an alternative payment plan. *
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Some Questions
At The Vine & Table, participants live in close quarters with a group of other people, including Coordinators. This arrangement will place significant demands upon the participants and upon the group throughout the term, as well as placing each person in a position of vulnerability with each other. The following questions are intended to help insure the well‐being of all participants, and will help determine if the Vine & Table and the Coordinators have the resources and expertise required to care for each participant’s particular needs. Please be assured that your answers here are for pastoral and logistical consideration only.
Dietary restrictions or personal dietary practices that influence food choices?
Medical/Physical/Psychological conditions that impact day to day living or that we need to be aware of?
Do you have physical challenges, injuries, or illness that require a particular living space? (e.g. unable to climb stairs, severe allergies, etc.)
What has been your experience of emotional and mental health?
Describe why you would like to participate in The Vine & Table. What do you hope to experience, to contribute, or to learn this year? (200-350 words) *
Tell us about your hobbies, interests, and recreation. What do you enjoy? What holds deep meaning for you? How do you rejuvenate? (200-350 words) *
Tell us about your relationship with God as you currently experience it. What is God's role in your life? Has that relationship changed over time? If so, how? (200-350 words) *
Community Expectations:
Staying at The Vine & table involves living in close proximity with others. In addition, there are community meals, events and shared cleaning tasks in which you will be expected to participate. The community atmosphere is great to live in, but it depends on the involvement of all residents. By applying, you are committing yourself to participation in these community building activities. Since The Vine & Table is an intentional Christian community home, we expect you to:
1. Contribute 30 minutes a week for cleaning tasks in shared common areas,
2. Participate in planning, preparing, serving and cleaning up one evening meal per week, and your own breakfast/lunch,
3. Participate in house meetings and service projects as determined by the community,
4. Live and pay rent at the House for the entire application term,
5. Remunerate expenses related to damage caused by personal actions (other than normal wear and tear).
Do you agree to these community expectations and to adjust schedule accordingly? *
In clicking submit, I acknowledge that I have accurately answered all of the questions and I consent to Vine & Table coordinators contacting the character references named in this application.
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