Sue Hagmeier Scholarship Fund
The Sue Hagmeier Summit Scholarship will be awarded to a young Democrat (21-36) who best exemplifies Sue's spirit of activism and commitment to "making people's lives better".

The award of $500.00 will be presented to a young Democrat to defray the costs of attending the Biannual Oregon Summit, usually $500 and up. Held in October of odd number years, The Summit is the premier Oregon Democratic Party event, featuring outstanding seminars, national Democratic personalities and incredible up-close-and personal time with Oregon's Democratic leaders.

Applicants must
- be at least 21 at the time the Summit begins -(Oct. 20, 2107)
- be no older than 36 at the time the Summit begins - (Oct. 20, 2017)
- have Democratic Party registration as of the most recent General Election (Nov. 8. 2016)
- be a resident of Multnomah County

***Please submit this form ONLINE ONLY No later than Sept. 15, 2017 at 5pm***
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