St Radegund Inch and Mile races, Sunday 9th May 2021

NOTE - advance entries are now officially CLOSED. If you're desperate to race then email or call 07974430663 and we will try and fit you in - it will be in either the 11:30 novice division or the 2:30pm 2k division - no other options at this stage. And entry will be £10/seat if we can arrange it for you.

This is the official entry form for the (soon to be) legendary Radegund Give-em-an-Inch and Radegund MilesAndMiles races, to be held on Sunday, 9th May 2021. Details and race-instructions will be available here very soon.

The Radegund "Give-em-an-Inch" will be a 1km timed race suitable for less-experienced rowers and novices, starting from the top of the Long Reach and finishing at Peters Posts (aka "the P&E" / "Penny Ferry").

The Radegund "Miles and Miles" will be a 2 km timed race suitable for more experienced rowers. It will run from the A14 bridge to the Railway Bridge

Please fill in this form once for each of the crews you are entering. We'll need an email address so we can contact you. Please indicate which of the categories you would like to compete in. You can enter any class or type of human-powered boat, but not all classes are eligible for prizes. It would help us if you could give us an idea of how fast you expect to be able to complete 1km of river, so we can seed crews in a non-colliding order.

Entry is held down to £8 per seat, because we're all a bit skint right now.
Coxes are free, because we're really quite keen on boats not crashing into things, and anyway it's fun to listen to them shouting stuff.

Prizes: there will be prizes, but these will probably not arrive in time for the event. They will be nicer than in previous years, and involve a lot less plastic. The prize-giving will be virtual for now - we hope to be able to invite you to a proper prizegiving when the prizes actually turn up, more people will have been vaccinated, and we're all a bit less lockdown-ey than we are right now.

UPDATE: due to demand, all new entries will need to be able to race in div.2 (11:30 Novice 1k) or div 4 (2:30 long 2k) as earlier divisions are now full

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