Ashe's Digital Art Commissions
These are my commission prices for personal art pieces. Rights to commissioned artwork remain with me unless otherwise discussed. Do not use my art on products for sale or repost without credit.

I am happy to draw fan art, original characters, profile icons and banners, animals. Rights to refuse commissions are at my discretion but I am mostly open for anything!

Please note: unless specified in a written agreement prior to payment, my work is never for commercial use or distribution in any capacity, including but not limited to being printed for resale, or being used or sold as a non-fungible token (NFT).  For commercial prices, please contact me by email at!

Please select only the options you want from the menu below and fill in your details!
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Please ensure you include a working email address so I can contact you.
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In the section below, please describe what you'd like me to draw. Helpful details for character art include face shape and details, body shape and type, gender presentation, colours, expression, personality details, pose, what clothes you want them wearing. We can discuss this more in-depth once I've confirmed your commission but this is all helpful to start with! Even just a pencil sketch on a stick figure can be helpful to get your ideas across!

If you have example art, a Pinterest board or references, please email them to or link the URL in the text box below.

I can still complete your character art without references. However, please be aware that if you would like me to design your character's look or their costume from scratch without references, there will be a surcharge of $10!
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Digital art commissions include: high resolution JPG of your art, plus progress thumbnails and changes based on your feedback.
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