Sign Up: Der Pandora-Effekt - October 28–31, 2017, Germany
This is the sign up for "Der Pandora-Effekt". Please take your time to thoroughly read through the questions, descriptions and answers. There is no rush: This is not first come first serve. This form will be available from April 10th to April 21st.

This form consists of two parts: "Practicalities" and "Playstyle and Preferences".

Until May 7th, we will inform you, wether we could assign you a spot at the larp or not.

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All food will be prepared vegan as a basic. You will be offered dairy products and meat as options to customize each meal according to your preferences.
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Player or NPC: *
You can attend the larp as a player (45 spots) or as an NPC (4 spots). Both categories are devided equally between the two options of accomodation.
Ticket type *
We offer two categories of accommodation. Both will be on site. "PLUS" is a guest house, with mostly double rooms and a few three bed rooms. You will not need to bring towels, sleeping bags or sheets - everything will be provided. (Think of a high standard youth hostel)."BASIC" is a self catering house with bedrooms for small groups. Towels, blankets/ sleeping bags and sheets have to be brought. To be clear: There will be a bed and a mattres for you. That’s it! Both places are warm, dry, provide normal beds (no camp beds), toilets and showers. Both places provide roughly the same amount of spots. All ticket types include full board and nonalcoholic beverages. The ticket type will not influence your game experience.
Ticket type flexibility *
If too many people sign up for one type of accomodation, we might have to move you to another category. Please tell us, if that is okay.
Sleeping bag
For those with a BASIC ticket, we can provide a limited amount of sleeping bags without additional cost. This offer is directed at people who travel by plane, to minimize luggage.
We now ask you about larp-related topics such as your experience and about the kind of game you expect to have at "Der Pandora-Effekt". To be perfectly clear: THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG to these questions.

They help us to design a presona fitting your wishes and needs. Please see them more as an orientation method for a first draft than as a fixed “caste” system. It helps us to get an overview on the different wishes.
Later in the process, you will have the opportunity to work with us on the details of your character.

Please tell us about phobias, mental or physical limits, which you do not want to have pushed during the larp. *
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Disclosure *
Some characters will know more then others: About "the other" universe and about implications and effects of it's existence. How deep do you want to be down the rabbit hole when the larp starts? Do you want to know more beforehand, or would you rather find out more during the game?
I want to be Jon Snow and know nothing
I want to be the mastermind
How closely should your character be connected to others, when the larp starts? *
I want to be firmly rooted in a group
I want to be the lone wolf
In general, this larp will not be about sitting on a campfire and chilling out. Still, you can calibrate how rough and dirty it should be for you.
Soft, please
Rough and dirty? Bring it on!
Is there a wild idea, which you want to share with us?
We don't guarantee to make it happen, but if you have a crazy idea in mind considering your experience at "Der Pandora-Effekt" we would be happy to take it in as an inspiration.
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How experienced are you as a larper? *
It's my first larp
I invented larp
Will "Der Pandora-Effekt" be your first international larp? *
You need to agree to our General Terms and Conditions to register for Der Pandora-Effekt. You find them here (Link opens in a new tab):
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