Making Waves: Crowd-sourcing for our study
In December 2017, Pearson and LKMco published ‘Testing the Water’, a report arguing that poor assessment practice was contributing to spiralling workload. It also revealed limited assessment literacy amongst many teachers and the threat this poses to teacher professionalism.

However, pockets of innovation are springing up, and we are now looking to identify the teachers, schools, organisations and countries that are ‘making waves’ in tackling these important challenges.

The first stage of our study involves a crowdsourcing campaign to identify a pool of assessment innovations that either:

a) reduce the workload associated with assessment


b) enhance teachers' professional expertise in relation to assessment.

Innovations might, for example involve:
- using new technologies to make assessment less resource intensive;
- new approaches to training teachers so that they can assess more accurately
- assessing different skills in new ways.

We are primarily looking for innovations that are on the cusp of being implemented or which have recently been implemented.

The pool of innovations will then be whittled down by LKMco, with the assistance of a specially convened group of experts. Researchers from LKMco will then work with teachers and their schools to study how the innovations work in practice and what can be learned for the future.

This survey asks you to share a few details about an innovation you are aware of. We will then contact you to find out more if it meets our criteria.

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