Custom Business Card Design
(READ EVERY SINGLE WORD PLEASE, I find myself answering a million questions on FB and via email that I already have answered HERE. Thanks yall, this will help tremendously! )

HEY Amazing Oily Family!
So as most of you know Im ONLY designing your cards, NOT ORDERING/PRINTING THEM.
You will need to download the files from the email I send and upload them to the site of your choice for ordering. There is a little more info I need to start this process. PLEASE be sure to follow the instruction EXACTLY. This insures that your info fits into the design. I will copy and paste all the info YOU input into the form.
So please be sure to proof read then double & triple check
(I will have to charge again for correcting YOUR mistakes, due to recreating the design all over again.)

******* STOP ********** N E W *********** OPTION ****************
If you don't have a personal website and would like for me to include your personal sign up link here's 5 easy steps.

1. Head on over to click on the menu
2. Create your link before you go any further.
3. COPY your link to the NEW VO.
4. Now go to
(If you don't already have an account you can create one and personalize your link.
If you want to skip that part then simply paste the link you copied (from oily tools) into
the bar at the top of the page and "generate" your link.
(this step makes your link smaller so that I can fit it onto your business card!)
ALSO if you create an account you can personalize your link..
for example mine is instead of
5. COPY YOUR NEW LINK FROM the bitly site, bring it back to this form and paste it below in the "website" option !!!

Remember, Im not printing your cards, You will receive the file and have them printed. Here are some great placed we have used: Vista Print (they has some great deals. Sign up for their emails) Over night prints, Local Staples, Local UPS Store, etc...
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