What are your thoughts on Amazon HQ2 landing in Queens?
Hello Maspeth, Ridgewood, Blissville, Woodside and Long Island City! Rumors about Amazon HQ2 landing in Long Island City are creating a frenzy in the news. MIBA wants to take the pulse of businesses and residents in the surrounding area. Fill out our brief survey and let your thoughts be known!

Once completed, share the following link so others can take the survey:

What are your general feelings about Amazon HQ2 landing in Queens? *
Rank the following potentially negative impacts from most problematic(1), to least problematic(4). *
(1) Most Problematic
(4) Least Problematic
More traffic
Less parking
Too much development
Rent increases
Rank the following potentially positive impacts from most beneficial (1) to least beneficial (4). *
(1) Most Beneficial
(4) Least Beneficial
More job opportunities
More business opportunities
More investment in community amenities
Higher property values
What other impacts are you worried or excited about?
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